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The BritishDirection outlines the Ambition of NWCSS
BritishDirection is promoting a new World Cup for 2017 with support from NewSport and GroupLaw
BCD brings Spirituality into Economics through SpiritualDirection
BCD is augmented by icv from Spiritual-Unity
BCD is financed with bcv from Knoxodeon
BCD is enlightened by ucv from Spahar
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Crestime is the engine of the New Economics Guiding the British Direction

The British People have voted for a LibDem-Labour coalition. Both parties have presented themselves as Left of Centre and that is what the British people have been lead to believe.

For the LibDems to support the tories is a slap in the face of the British Electorate.

Furthermore this could be challenged in the courts with the GroupLaw system in conjunction with The Master of Law.

BCD may now be used to refer to British Creflex Direction or at the EarthLevel BCD refers to British CFX Direction as outlined by exCFX
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BCD is maintained by ecv from NES/CrestIme.
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BCD supports the Cameron Doctrine of the BigSociety through Creflexs
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The British Directions main priority is to preseserve the Union, of the four countries, 2 voted by majority to leave the European Union and 2 voted to stay, therefore the referendum to leave was not carried by a majority , so by the dur precess of democracy we stay, and artical 50 can be revoked.

The aim of the British Direction is to preserve and enhance the Union, the division on the links with the European Union severely threatens that, and will probably not servive so the new organisation as proposed by the EuroDirection will be crucial, and all the requirements of Brexit will be met by that making Brexit pointless.

This whole question calls in a period of massive change which we are in the centre of now



























The British Direction is for the formation of Creflexes in Britain


The British Direction is also for the linkage of companies with a Reflex wing

The British Direction supports the Cameron Doctrine of the Big Society through CreFlexs in conjunction with Co-Operative Law and ShareLaw



Through the British Direction Creflexes have access to the Original Founding Creflexes: Lawful Direction , GroupLaw

Law and Co-Operative Law to maintain their legal position.

Creflexes operating solely in the bcv system can refer to Universal Direction








The British Direction was formally called the British Creative Direction (BCD) but the C was dropped because of the exaggerated and over use of this term - the original definition of the BCD from 1992 for the European Elections of that year is available at BCD Communications No.44








BCD mcv support for CFXs
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BCD is fueled with pcv from CreFlexes
Co-Operative Law
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