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The Contemporary Trinity sets out the Realism of Spirituality
The Structure of Spirituality

New Trinity is the fusing of the CFX Economy with its source in icv, EarthLaw engineered by the Criteria of Value, and a Spiritual-Unity moulded by the Structure of Spirituality fermented by an Empirical Metaphysics .

The Contemporary Trinity forges the Spiritual Direction and Innovation with Lucidation
Contemporary Trinity is the realisation of Spiritual Direction in the Economic Process
Site in Construction
Trinity Now, processes Metaphysica Empirica to invoke Value
Trinity Now Embraces MetaPhysica Empirica to steer the Spiritual Direction
Trinity Now Delves in Mathematica Proxima to Define the Boundaries of Eternity
Trinity Now embarkes on the trail of Supera to cement its cohesion
Trinity Now is in the Sphere of SuperHouse